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Welcome to the official site of our Miniature Australian and Australian Shepherd Kennels.


At the kennel Nebesniy Aljans, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting the remarkable qualities of the Australian Shepherd breed. From passion and love, we've been breeding Australian Shepherds since 2008 and decided to introduce the Miniature American Shepherds in 2022 under the Kennel name Full Throttle, striving to produce exceptional individuals that embody the breed's true essence.


We are a small, family-run kennel that places great emphasis on the health and character of our dogs. Our priority is to breed dogs that are not only physically healthy, but stand out in sound, temperament and own outstanding personality traits. We carefully select our breeding pairs, ensuring they are free from genetic health issues to promote the well-being of our puppies.


Located in an ecologically clean area, our kennel provides a serene and natural environment for our family members. Surrounded by pristine landscapes and wide open spaces, our dogs have the opportunity to explore, exercise and thrive in a healthy and stimulating setting. We believe in the quality of the environment for the well-being and overall happiness of our beloved dogs.

Thank you for visiting the Australian Shepherd Dog Kennel's website. We are dedicated to providing families with exceptional dogs that bring joy, love and companionship into their lives. If you are interested in welcoming a Miniature Australian or an Australian Shepherd into your family or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


We look forward to assisting you on this exciting journey!

Most sincerely, Natalia Sidorenko.

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